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Slim From Within

Been stuck? Struggled with your weight? Have you found that the moment you went on a diet, you wanted to eat more? Have you said over and over that you're going to start exercising, but you just don't?

You're not alone. Millions of people struggle with the same issues, and most don't find an answer. The reason for this is that they're focusing on the wrong thing.

“Up to two-thirds of those on a diet regain more weight than when they started.” - University of California Los Angeles

"Diets" Don't Work

If they did you'd be at your ideal weight. The reason diets don't work is that your psyche is not aligned with your actions.  

It’s Not Just What You’re Eating...  It’s Also What’s Eating You.

Most of what drives your behaviors comes from your subconscious—the part of you that you have little or no awareness of in your conscious day-to-day life. Brain researchers estimate that the subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind—and that's where unfinished business is stored. It's no wonder it's been so hard to make the changes!

Get To The Root and the Rest Follows

In my Slim from Within program we get to the roots of the matter. We explore what's really been stopping you from having the body and lifestyle you want, and rather than trying to 'fix the problem', help you make friends with yourself again. Through our group coaching you become more self-aware, and clearer about the compulsions, drives, and beliefs that have lead you to the behaviors that have made you gain weight. We change the internal landscape. You regain harmony and peace and, not only do new, healthy behaviors then become easier, you also have a greater sense of self-esteem and personal power. 


A Lasting Way To Have The Body You Love


"Through my coaching I've lost 20lbs—and in the best way I've ever lost weight in my life!!... Justina is fabulous!"

Amanda Christensen
Amanda Christensen,
Actress & Comedienne

Please note: This is not a diet or exercise program. I would be wasting your time and money offering you yet another version of what you've already tried. This program is focused on the source of the issues so that you can make lasting changes  The way you eat is going to arise from the changes you make internally. 

When: TBD

Who: Justina Vail Evans is your Slim From Within coach and consultant.

Where: Webex Online 

How much: TBD

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What You Get:


  • Weekly sessions for 8 weeks

  • 8 online group coaching sessions

  • 2 hours each session

  • The Slim from Within Handbook

  • Weekly assignments and activities

  • Daily prompts and tips

  • Community support

  • An "accountability buddy"

We'll Help You:


  • Get clearer about what you really want, creating a specific vision for your future

  • Uncover the triggers that have kept you stuck

  • Find ways to have a better relationship with yourself

  • Discover how you're managing your energy

  • Find ways to empower positive experiences, responses and behaviors.

  • Honor the emotional needs that have been met with food

  • Craft a personal and practical plan that includes goals, steps and new habits

  • ount and celebrate your accomplishments as you go along!

  • And much more...