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Confidential Personal Success Support

Welcome. This service is for those who feel stuck, unclear or are simply ready to move to the next level in life and who want expert coaching support and powerful processes that help navigate change, break through blocks, and actualize visions or goals. 

With this particular brand of coaching you;

 examine your current reality

 get clear and congruent with what you really want 

 find out what's been stopping you

√  bypass habitual patterns and shift subconscious blocks

 start taking the right steps toward what you want 

"Coaching" is an umbrella term we use, in this case, for a number of powerful modalities -- hypnotherapy, personal development coaching and consulting, neuro-lingistics (NLP), energy therapy (EFT), and grief work.

You get to choose which of these modalities work for you and what you'd like your coaching experience to be. With the expert support of your coach, you then craft your next level of happiness, confidence, and personal and professional success.

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"Justina creates a space that you can step into and honestly look at where you are at and where you want to go. They are life changing sessions, built with an intuitive, empathetic expertise, that help you explore and build the future you want. Expect to work at a deep level to create strong and sustainable foundations that support your personal and creative transformation."

Louise Ashcroft,
Opera Singer