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The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading third party organization for credentialing coaches, as well as regulating the field. The credential "MCC" is the highest ICF accreditation denoting a Master Certified Coach. There are less than 700 MCC coaches across the globe.

Coaching executives requires an understanding of organization systems, the neuroscience of leadership and working with groups and teams, as well as understanding corporate contracting between client and organization. In 2011 I completed a full training at EGL Executive Coach Training Program.

In 2006 I completed a full coach training at Hypnotherapy Clearing House (HCH) and received the designation CPLC along with my certificate.

I was trained and certified at the Hypnotherapy Clearing House in Lafayette, California by the founder Dr. Holly Holmes Meredith. I competed my training in 2002 though I have returned to complete advanced trainings since then.

I was trained and certified to a Master level at the NLP Institute of California, completing my training in 2007. I was trained by the institute’s founder, Tim Hallbom, one of the world’s leading NLP trainers.

I have spent the last 40 years engaged in the study of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and alternative forms of healing. During that time I have been on a dedicated path toward my own personal development and in turn have been able to support and guide many other people in their journey as well. In my consulting I share resources, information about my research, as well as what has worked for others.

I was trained and certified at the Grief Recovery Institute® in 2002 by founder Russell Freidman and have lead a number of Grief Recovery Programs, as well as working the process one-on-one with clients.

I was trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in 2002-2003 and have utilized the technique in my practice ever since.


Thank you for visiting JVE Coaching. I support people going through personal or professional change. 

I'm a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I'm also  certified as an Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist,  NLP (Neuro-Linguistics) Master Practitioner, and Grief Recovery® Specialist. 

I specialize in working with people in the arts and entertainment fields. My clients are performers, filmmakers, directors, writers, producers, artistic directors, and professionals working in major corporations including Warner Brothers Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, and Twentieth Century Fox.

I work with my clients at a deep level to create personal fulfillment and professional success by supporting self awareness and helping clients utilize the tools that improve interactions in life and as leaders. Through my blend of tools and experience my clients have accomplished their goals and moved on to have happier, more fulfilling lives and careers.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband Dr. Jeff Evans, CEO of Envision Global Leadership. We have a dog Truman, a daughter Vanessa, and a granddaughter Annaliese. 

I look forward to serving your success.