Grief Recovery

“(It was) a critical time. Therapy wasn’t helping me really deal with my pain and grief ... I felt stuck. The program is excellent, and Justina created a safe, supportive environment to open up, do the work, and move forward with knowledge and new tools. I’m so grateful for the experience.”

CH, Grief Recovery Client

Grief is About Loss

There are over 40 types of losses we might experience in our lifetime.

  • Death of a Loved One

  • Divorce

  • Job Loss

  • Death of a Pet

  • Illness

  • Accident

  • Change in Finances

  • Loss of Trust

  • Loss of Safety

  • Loss of Property or Home

  • Beliefs Change

  • And any other loss...


Grief is More Than Sadness

It manifests in many different ways

Grief is the complex mix of feelings we experience when there is any type of significant loss. It can manifest as deep pain, numbness, depression, anger, relief, feelings of isolation or loneliness, fogginess, fear, anxiety and more...
Grief can also cause lack of concentration, insomnia, mood swings, health issues, weight gain, weight loss, nightmares, outbursts, an inability enjoy life, loss of faith, and so on...

Grief is Accumulative

It can feel like a tidal wave.

We all experience losses in our lives and, unless dealt with, grief can be accumulative. A recent loss can bring up many old losses as though they are happening all over again. The tidal wave of grief includes all the unresolved emotional business in our lives. 
It's time to offload that burden and live life again.

Grief is Meant to be Completed

It doesn't just go away by itself.


Grieving is normal and natural and it is meant to be completed.
 Grieving takes time, absolutely. We need time to feel the impact, move though the healing process and adjust to the changes in our lives when there is a loss. However, our lives are not meant to be hijacked by long-term grief, no matter how significant, valuable, and important the person, situation, or thing was to us.
Russell Friedman, co-founder of the Grief Recovery Method®, says that waiting for grief to go away is like sitting by the side of the road when you have a flat tire, waiting for it to fill with air again. 

We each have to take action to complete our losses so that we can heal our hearts and live full lives again.

"I am not scared anymore. I’m not empty or filled with pain....Thank you for giving me the tools and showing me how to reclaim my life!"

Linda M. Boreen, Grief Recovery Client

What is the Grief Recovery Method®?

People may have told you that you have to let go and move on with your life, but they don’t tell you how.

The Grief Recovery Method®, developed and refined over the past 30 years, teaches you how to recover from loss with supportive guidance every step of the way. It is an experiential, action-based private program, and is considered one of the most sensible, accessible, and authentic plans available for recovery from loss. 

I was trained and certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist at the Grief Recovery Institute® in 2002 by co-founder Russell Freidman. I have lead a number of Grief Recovery groups, as well as working the process one-on-one with clients. I work privately with clients in Houston, TX. 

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8 private one-on-one Grief Recovery® sessions. Each session is 1.5 hours = 12 hours total US $2,500

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